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Internship Opportunities

A comprehensive 12-week internship program that challenges interns to deliver innovative solutions to real projects that will impact the business. Throughout the course of the internship experience, we deliver diverse personal and professional development opportunities that further develop skillsets that can be implemented both during and after the program.

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Click and view our videos to find out more about the great opportunities an internship at Meijer can bring.

Meijer's College Internship

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Click and view our videos to find out more about the great opportunities an internship at Meijer can bring.

12-Week Internship Program Includes

  • Executive speaker series

  • Professional development and training opportunities

  • Networking and community events to drive engagement

  • Intern roadshow highlighting key areas of the business

  • Comprehensive and substantial projects

  • Final presentations delivered to senior executives

Internship Benefits

The Meijer Internship Program is renowned for helping students launch exciting careers. We provide support and experiences to help grow the leadership skills that are valued in a fast-paced, innovative company. Here's how you can benefit from an internship with us:

  • Increase your market competitiveness

  • Gain exposure on our Intern Road Show Tours of stores and other operations

  • Present your final project to senior leaders

  • Participate in our Executive Speaker Series

  • Participate in our Intern Video Challenge

  • Attend social outings and develop lifelong friendships

Functional Areas

From corporate to in-store opportunities, Meijer offers a wide variety of ways for you to gain amazing exposure in your area of interest. Internships are often available within the following areas:

  • Merchandising & Marketing

  • Properties & Procurement

  • Human Resources

  • Legal

  • Supply Chain

  • Finance & Administration

  • Information Technology

  • Retail Operations

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