Watch the video to hear our President & CEO, Rick Keyes, discuss why Diversity & Inclusion is such an important part of our winning strategy at Meijer.

<h2 class='section--title'>What Diversity and <br class='hidden-xs'>Inclusion Means</h2>

What Diversity and Inclusion Means

Diversity is the collective mixture of differences and similarities in our Team Members. Inclusion is Team Members coming together to succeed to better serve our customers.

“Diversity is the Mix... Inclusion is Making the Mix Work”

Fred Meijer emphasized the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect. Diversity and Inclusion guide us to do so. We want all Team Members to have the same opportunity for success and Diversity and Inclusion help us level the professional playing field.

Together, we build a family of diverse and inclusive Team Members reflective of our customers to improve our communities, and achieve superior performance.

Meijer is committed to Diversity and Inclusion. We have a D&I Council comprised of business partners and leaders providing guidance and oversight to ongoing efforts.

Team Member Resource Groups

TMRGs are groups of Team Members who share a common interest to help support the business. These groups conduct professional development and community outreach activities; and serve as a strategic resource to Meijer on business issues. Team Member Resource Groups (TMRG) are offered as part of Diversity and Inclusion (D/I) at Meijer.

The Meijer Disability Awareness and Advocacy Group (mDAAG) aligns itself with the Team Member Resource Groups’ advancement of Meijer’s commitment to respecting and valuing diversity and inclusion by serving as a resource and liaison for all Team Members on issues of equity. mDAAG will do this by driving programs to Educate, Support, and Create Opportunities around empowering all Meijer Team Members toward greater Disability Awareness and Advocacy.

Women at Meijer will cultivate an inclusive environment that supports women in the development of their skills and abilities while further enhancing their leadership and career potential. Women at Meijer will encourage the advancement of women in leadership roles through empowerment, engagement, professional development, and community involvement.

Meijer Young Professionals is being formed to engage, develop, retain, and empower the community of young professionals as part of the initiative to Win With Our Team. There is an opportunity to improve and develop Team Member’s professional skills, provide a collaborative network to spark innovation, become engaged with and impact Meijer communities, as well as build positive peer and mentor relationships.

To create a community within Meijer to welcome and support new Team Members and connect them to the greater Meijer organization and West Michigan Community.

As part of Meijer’s commitment to our winning strategy, Meijer Pride gives a voice to our LGBT + Team Members. We will engage, develop, retain, and empower our team through continuous improvement in company policies and the work environment. We will encourage inclusive support and provide networking opportunities for our members.

Create a community that connects, supports, and respects our shared experiences and valued differences to the betterment of each other and the business.

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